baby quilt

baby quilt

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wildlife Panel Free Motion Quilting

Quite a while ago I purchased a dear quilt panel that I absolutely love.  As time went by though I was so incredibly intimidated at the thought of quilting anything with such a beautiful panel because I did not want to deflect from the artistry of the panel itself.  Finally I decided I would free motion quilt it in a way that hopefully would not detract from it's beauty.   I'm actually fairly happy with how it came out.  I'm hoping that in the future I  won't be so scared to attempt quilting a wildlife quilt panel that it takes me years to finally do it.

Here is my interpretation of how to quilt a wildlife panel...(I wish I could say who designed the panel but unfortunately their was no salvage on it and I have no clue...I did a quick search but this particular panel did not pop up for me).

I am using my panel quilt as wall decoration in my entryway, it is covering up a horrid gray fuse box.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Allietare finished and a few more too.

I cannot believe my last post was from January!  I feel like the year has gone by in a flash.. Honestly I have not spent near enough time quilting.  I worked, I lived, I went on vacation but quilting was definitely on the back burner.

What I was able to complete was the Allietare Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  Her link to the finished quilt is here:

Allietare under my needle as I prepare to FMQ.

Swirl and feather quilting
All finished!

 For a couple years now I have been doing a free BOM from Craftsy.  I really love their classes; both their affordability and the content they provide.  

Flowers and loops for quilting

In the middle of the summer I really felt the need to pull out my acrylics and put color on canvas. For me it is therapeutic to mix colors, play with the brush strokes, and just have fun.  Its by no means finished but I did what I wanted to do.

Last but not least I finished a simple Log Cabin..

Recently the hours I work have changed so I am hoping I will have more time to be creative.  My heart and soul need more time in my sewing room.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Allietare Part 2 and Part 3

I am so thankful for this holiday season. Just like for everyone else, it was crazy busy.  I feel like I had no time to be in my sewing room.  When I finally got back to sewing and attempted to use my treadle again, it wouldn't work.  The foot stayed in the up position, it was making noises it had never made, it just didn't run right.  When I researched I came to the conclusion I really needed to take it apart and give it a good cleaning and oiling then put it back together..  That was a sad day... I simply don't feel up to that project right now.  I dislike intensely taking things apart and  I just don't want to do it... So my goal to sew this whole quilt on my treadle-not a reality.  I'm finding these goals I make for myself don't always end up the way I anticipate. I'm finding I am more flexible than I thought.  Instead of forcing things to go the way I intended, I try to make it work and if it's obvious I don't want it to go that way any more I let it go. However; as my family can attest to, if I really want it I will fight tooth and nail to make it work.   Maybe this is an analogy for my store?  I'm not sure... More thoughts on that another day.

This Christmas my husband bought the family a wonderful bundle of energy, excitement, and love.

This guy named Frankie, has taken all my spare time... I just remind myself he will only be young for a short space in time.

In small bursts I have been able to complete Part 2 and 3 of the Mystery found at:  Of course on my Juki sewing machine.  I tried one more time to make it work and decided I would just let go for now.  At some later date I will clean my beauty.

Clue 2:

Clue 3:

Now back to my sewing room, all the parts of the mystery have been revealed and I so want to see how mine is going to look!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Allietare Mystery Part 1, Learning to Sew on my Treadle

Yes it is time for another Bonnie Hunter mystery!  You can link up with us on her site if you want to share!

I had every intention of doing Bonnie Hunter's mystery this year, what is there not to say to commend it?  It always challenges me, I learn a ton, and I love the camaraderie (even when I dislike the nitpicking and quilt police),...So with all that to commend the mystery why would I add one more layer?  Well, lets start at the beginning.  A couple years ago my husband and I bought an old Franklin Long Shuttle Sewing Machine.  It was love at first sight, however; I had no clue how to use it.  

I initially attempted and failed and then it sat and sat and sat.

This fall I decided to move it to the living room, knowing that if it was visible I would be more apt to open it up and attempt to do something on it.  To learn how to treadle.

This last Sunday, instead of working on clue one I opened up my treadle, oiled it's parts, watched YouTube after YouTube video to learn how to wind the bobbin, how to thread the to operate the treadle to make it move in the right direction.  I had to clean up some serious screw holes that were oh so gunky. I know it could use another serious clean like I've seen online but that will wait for another day.  

These are the colors I am using from my stash... If I need to buy more I will.  I am not sure that my yellow works-that is definitely the one that I may go out and purchase more of.

At the end of the day I cut a few triangles with my Easy Angle and gave it a go and I LOVE IT!  I have decided that this mystery is going to be my quilt to learn to use the treadle, I hope to even quilt it on it- we will see how that goes.  By the end I hope to be proficient.

And look at this handy dandy seam guide!

This is AWESOME!  My seems have never been so accurate...holy cow.

Alright then,  time for me to try to get caught up...7 down and a whole lot more to go.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Scrappy Christmas Quilt

I was going through my Christmas fabric and noticed I had some seriously 'ugly' fabric that goes back in time,,,,a long time. I'm not sure if it was my Grandmothers or someone else gifted it but I was challenged to do something with it.  Initially....I hated everything about it.... but as it has come together, through ripped stitches and all, I have decided I really like it..  I like that, (I think), it comes from Grandmas stash, which always makes me a bit nostalgic.  I like that I didn't use a pattern.  I also like that there is not much of the green left! 

I had to throw this picture in of Pepper, our princess of a cat.  She was not impressed when I was attempting to quilt 'her' bed.


Back of quilt

Holly Quilting
and Swirls

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Little Zen, Curved Piecing, and a String Quilt too

The Ebb and Flow of Life

Isn’t it funny how just when you think you got it figured out life changes again and you are left reevaluating your choices, desires, and potential outcomes?

I ended the summer ready to sell, however; I had no time to produce anything so I started furiously sewing in September....At about the same time I got a job as a waitress...Just part time, just for the fun of it...The opportunity presented itself and I said sure why not...Since then I have found I am putting a lot of time in making quilts with the intention of selling them.. Initially I mulled over what others would like, what was marketable, what was good enough.  I’m here to tell you it took all the fun out of quilting for me.

Then I realized I have to just stay true to me and the rest will follow.  So I tried that and found that being true to myself is truly the key except, I'm still not sure this is what I want to do.  I think the biggest reason I am keeping Etsy is because it was a lot of work to put up and I hate to pull it down.  Hm... That leaves me with options.  Do I simply leave it up, put up items I want and just don’t worry about it?  Or do I tear it down, and just sell at craft fairs if I should so desire?

In the end I wrote myself a mission statement, a little hokey, but it allowed me to determine what I needed my goal to be concerning quilting, a craft I love but which was becoming a little less enjoyable when my intention was to sell on Etsy and be worthy of selling on Etsy.

Sara’s Mission Statement

Make what I want, learn as I go, be free to fly-results good or bad-no quota to strive.
Keep what I want, give away what I want
sell what I want,
as I want to.
Love my craft-always stay true to me.

This I hung in my sewing room as a reminder to me that this is my creative space with no limits or expectations.

So do I sell or not?  I’m not sure.  For the time being I will leave my Etsy store in place.  I will pray to God about it, (though it’s not really a stressful situation and more a questioning moment in my life), and discuss it with my husband.

In the meantime we had Quilt Sew-In with the Boulder River Quilt Guild and lordy did I need it.

I love the ladies in our Quilt Guild and highly recommend the opportunity to meet with others that will inspire you, lift you up, and totally encourage you in every way.  In the last month I started a Zendoodle small wall-hanging that utilizes thread and markers to design.  

This was fun!  After getting home I wanted to see if I could just use thread to paint the fabric and make my design simply because I wanted to see if I could.

This was the result:

All in all, for me, Zen is very liberating.

Now a little curved piecing.

 After my liberating Zen experience I must have been feeling ready to tackle anything.  I did something I have always wanted to do, curved piecing without templates.  This was fun!!!! I only wish I had more fabric to make an actual table runner.  Instead I think it is a wall hanging?   Totally see the potential for an artistic wall hanging using this method.

String Quilt

I delved into my pastels again for this one.  After I had each string block done I wanted to organize it in a different manner than I had before, so I cut, cut some more, and this is my end result.

The quilting was actually much simpler than I normally do.  I wanted to incorporate straight line quilting with flowers.  By quilting much lighter than normal it is a fluffier quilt than I am used to.  I used a simple Moda Gray for the backing.

Thank you for looking!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Holiday Table Decorations

All last week I prepared for a community wide sale to raise money for the local
Community Hall.  I had three table toppers I wanted to finish and some mug rugs so that I had some small items to include.  

My first table runner utilized a combination of holiday prints and others for good measure.  No pattern was utilized, I just threw strips together in an orderly fashion.  You could use any size strips and it would be pretty, especially using holiday fabric.
I quilted it with feathers and swirls.

My other two table runners used some more holiday fabric and are a bit simpler than my first. 

The mug rugs were so much fun, I quilted them with a feather motif and straight lines.

I opted to rent a table to show my quilts and thought I would bring my business card.  My town is small-meaning-really small.  I believe somewhere in the area of 250 so I truly was not expecting to sell anything but I did think it would get my feet wet so to speak on putting my items out to be seen.  It ended up being a very positive experience.  I didn't sell anything, but I had the opportunity to meet different individuals in the community and discuss one of my loves, quilting.

I definitely need to work on my presenting skills.  Maybe purchase some hanging bars for hanging my quilts.  All in all a fun experience that I learned a lot from.