En Provence Mystery Quilt

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wildlife Panel Free Motion Quilting

Quite a while ago I purchased a dear quilt panel that I absolutely love.  As time went by though I was so incredibly intimidated at the thought of quilting anything with such a beautiful panel because I did not want to deflect from the artistry of the panel itself.  Finally I decided I would free motion quilt it in a way that hopefully would not detract from it's beauty.   I'm actually fairly happy with how it came out.  I'm hoping that in the future I  won't be so scared to attempt quilting a wildlife quilt panel that it takes me years to finally do it.

Here is my interpretation of how to quilt a wildlife panel...(I wish I could say who designed the panel but unfortunately their was no salvage on it and I have no clue...I did a quick search but this particular panel did not pop up for me).

I am using my panel quilt as wall decoration in my entryway, it is covering up a horrid gray fuse box.