En Provence Mystery Quilt

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cold in the House

No quilting at all this week.....I simply haven't had the time.  I have been busy with bookkeeping for the fire department, prep for preschool, and generally life.

I think the business of it all has affected me, as it always does.  Whenever I allow life to become too hectic, when I don't allow myself time to rest, don't get enough sleep, don't nurture my needs...I become sick.  Well this week is no different.  For the last few days I ignored my congested head, and slight tickle in my throat, though I can usually ward off a cold if I catch it soon enough..I woke up last night multiple times with my throat raw, my head pounding, my chest burning.....So on goes the essential oils.  A day of pajamas and rest is in order.  Eating a very healthy diet is a must.   I also put a turkey carcass with garlic, onions, dried herbs and a couple Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the crockpot to start some homemade broth.  It usually takes 12 to 24 hours if I want really good bone broth with wonderful gelatin, however;  I will probably drink the broth before that point since it is so good for you even if it hasn't extracted all the gelatin and collagen from the bones yet.  I really like this post listing the reasons for making your own broth and how to do it, though I have never actually followed a recipe and I have been making homemade broth for years.  http://www.theyummylife.com/Slow_Cooker_Chicken_Broth  I started out making it on my stove top, progressed to making it on my wood stove cook top, learned how to make it in my crockpot, and recently made it in my pressure canner.  I have to say my favorite way to cook it is in the pressure canner.  It gels so much better and the quality of the broth is so rich.  The easiest is by far the crockpot....The homiest has got to be on top of the wood stove...today though it is crockpot time.

When someone in my family is sick, I always start thinking....what can I do to help and in this instance I remembered as I sat here feeling miserable...Onion honey, that's right.  It is something I have wanted to make for some time and just had not done.  I researched the Internet and found this blog post, http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2009/11/homemade-cough-and-cold-syrup.html.  I made a red onion honey, with cloves.....

 It smells amazing!  I taste tested it numerous times and it is reminiscent of the glaze that my grandma used to put on her baked ham...I am pretty sure I will have no problem taking this medicine all day...Already the cloves and honey are soothing my throat.. yum, yum.