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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

String Strip Quilt

Well, I'd love to be able to say I was incredibly productive over the summer.  I did oodles of work, achieved master worker status, but alas...I can't.   I only had one quilt finish to add to my score board this summer,  though; I did work on another that I will be showing soon.  I'd also like to add that  sometimes those periods of seeming inactivity actually allow the creative juices to flow. I learned how to apply a watermark to my photos, which I have heard is important.  I also think the inactivity allowed me to decide if I truly am ready to sell my quilts.  If I really want to give my Etsy store a go.  I know that the reason I haven't sold anthing is because I haven't been ready to sell anything.  Well I can honestly say I have worked through that block and I'm ready to give my store it's all. I've had to tell myself,  I am creative enough and talented enough to do so, and I believe I do have something to offer that others will desire.  To do that I have to give myself permission to stay in my sewing room all day, not do the dishes three times, not clean the house every day, treat it as the main priority when my family is not home.

 As the kids took off for their first day of school on Monday I cleaned...I cleaned the whole house, then delved into my sewing room and made it a sane, creative place to work.. and now I get to immerse myself with all these ideas that have been floating around in my brain with no place to land all summer.  I get to crank up the music and free motion to my hearts content...and though I miss my kiddos, I so enjoy my time to simply create...

The one quilt I did manage to complete is a strip string quilt.  I dug into my pastels strings, used phone book paper cut into 4 inch wide strips, and when all completed sewed them together....I decided for a minimalist look and just did white borders and added an aqua? (I think?) backing and binding.  As a first for me I hand sewed the binding to the back of the quilt.  I have always been adverse to doing this, however; I found it relaxing and I do like the finished product.  I opted for simple spiral quilting.


I also manged to finish a pair of fingerless mitts for my oldest girl... Not sure what yarn I used, I think Alpaca.


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  1. I can't wait to see you soar! Your quilting is great and I'm so glad you found hand sewing your binding to be relaxing as do I! I also love the colors in your quilt, front and back.